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An insight to search engine crawlers

Google Search engine is bascially a web crawler whose job is to conituously crawls the web. It discovers, crawls, index and then serve the user relevant content on search.

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7 simple optimization tricks for faster website

Higher the page speed lower is its load time. A webpage which loads faster gives user a good page experience. In May 2020 Google has announced that Page experince will be major factor in calculating page ranking in the search results.

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Core web vitals : Google's new page experience signal

Core web vitals collects page experience signals for page speed, interactivity and visual stability and send it to Google. These data can affect as search results ranking.

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Page experience a new ranking signal for mobile

Page experience, a new ranking signal by Google for mobile. It measures user experience for every individual url and use it to rank a page in search results.

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How to rank your blog on mobile in 2021

Good page experience for users will rank your blog in search results on mobile. It is a ranking signal rolled out by Google in 2021.

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