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Last modified on Apr 25, 2021

Page Experience

Page experience, a new ranking signal by Google for mobile. It measures user experience for every individual url and use it to rank a page in search results. Page experience will be evaluated for every individual url. The evaluated score will be used as a ranking signal for the individual url on mobile devices only. A specific url with good page experience signal will rank higher on mobile devices. But it might not appear in the same ranking position for larger devices.

Last year Google announced that Page experience will roll out from this year. To help webmaster and developers better understand the page experience update, it has introduced a new tab in the Experience section for every property in the search console. In this section one will get the report of how individual url in the site is performing. Based on the report one can assess and take necessary action to improve the user experience on the mobile version of the page.

How Page experience evaluated?

Core web vitals, Mobile usability, Safe browsing, HTTPS combinely known as Page experience signal. If we were to design a url with good page experience, we need to focus on every metrics that add up to page experience signal.

Core web vitals

It is one of the most important metrics that measures load time, interactivity and visual stability of the the page. Basically core web vitals are set of three metrics LCP, FID and CLS. The LCP measures the page load time, FID measures the page interactivity and CLS measures the visual stability of the page. These three metrics are combinely called Core web vitals.

Mobile usability

A url must not have any mobile usability error. A mobile usability error checks that the page is mobile friendly or not. Basically three factors decide that page is mobile friendly or not.

  1. Viewport not set.
  2. Text too small to read
  3. Clickable elements too close to each other

If any of the above error found, the page failed the mobile friendliness criteria. Error will be shown in the mobile usability report.


HTTPS: HTTP is not safe protocol. Any middle man can read the data that is being transferred between client and server using various techniques. But HTTPS being secured transmission protocol, no one except client and server can read the data.

Safe browsing

Safe Browsing: The page doesn't contain malicious (for example, malware) or deceptive (for example, social engineering) content.

Published on Apr 25, 2021

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